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Due to the great demand for masks and other medical consumables, reservations without prepayment should not be made

Disposable Medical Supplies

and production equipment

Three-layer medical masks in bulk on an elastic band with a minimum batch of 500,000 pieces.
Own production under the European standard with the availability of medical certificates.

TM "BezGMO" is a leading manufacturer of disposable medical devices.

The main focus of our business is the production and wholesale of disposable medical nurseries from non-woven materials of the latest generation. All materials for production have the appropriate certificates and hygienic conclusions.

We occupy a leading position in Europe and the CIS countries in terms of production of disposable medical masks, producing more than 350 million masks per year.

In stock

TM "BezGMO" occupies a leading position in the wholesale market of disposable medical nurseries and the supply of equipment for the manufacture of disposable medical nurseries. All products on the site are in stock. Worldwide shipping available.

Disposable Medical Supplies

In stock:

1. Disposable medical masks with elastic bands of three and four layers

(lots from 1.500.000 pieces)

2. Medical mask-respirators in the form of a "duck beak" (lots from 1.000.000 pieces)

3. Shoe covers polyethylene and polypropylene (lots from 1.000.000 pieces)

4. Medical disposable caps with double elastic band (lots from 500,000 pieces)

5. Disposable gowns (lots from 1,000,000 pieces)

6. Three-layered medical masks (lots from 1.000.000 pieces)

7. Disposable syringes (lots from 10,000 pieces)

8. Cleansing hand spray "BezGMO" with antibacterial effect (lots of 10,000 pieces)

Equipment for the production of disposable medical supplies

In stock:

1. Workpiece production machine, FET-MD2010 (made in China)

2. Automatic solder, FET-MD2011 (made in China)

3. Manual solder, FET-MD2012 (made in China)

4. Facial mask blank making machine model NC-15

5. Machine for welding loops to mask blanks model NC-16

6. Machine for the production of masks with a respirator model NC-1520

7. Spunbond surgical cap making machine model NC-1910

We produce per day:

from 2.000.000

disposable masks

from 2.200.000

disposable shoe covers and caps

Partners of TM "BezGMO"

All our products have the necessary certificates and certificates. Since 2008, we have been operating in the CIS and Europe markets.

Collaboration Issues

Our production is organized on fully automated imported equipment, in accordance with GMP standards and modern quality standards. If you have questions about purchasing disposable medical nurseries or equipment, click the "Ask a Question" button


For cooperation, contact the phone number:

Telephone: +447440963233 (Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram)

Telephone: +4593755387

Email: bezgmo008@gmail.com

The production of TM "BezGMO" is based in Denmark. 

Worldwide shipping.

Phone: +447440963233

Email: bezgmo008@gmail.com