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Due to the great demand for masks and other medical consumables, reservations without prepayment should not be made

Disposable Medical Supplies

and production equipment

Three-layer medical masks in bulk on an elastic band with a minimum batch of 500,000 pieces.
Own production under the European standard with the availability of medical certificates.

Automatic high-speed line for the production of medical masks.

The machine allows you to automate and increase the production of medical masks with almost no control by the operator.

The machine is easy to operate and can run smoothly.

The machine is equipped with a system for automatically counting the number of finished masks and a PLC controller.

The machine is designed for the production of blanks of three-layer medical masks from non-woven materials, characterized by high productivity, stable product quality and ease of setup and management.

The machine for the production of medical mask blanks must be used in combination with one or more machines for soldering ear loops. Production - Germany

Product release options:

  • Power supply: 220V / 380V (at the buyer's choice)
  • Power: 2.5 kW
  • Productivity - 100-200 pcs / min.

Machine arm sleeve manufacturing machine

Equipment DOK 2200 is a high-quality electrical device designed for fully automatic production of medical arm ruffles.

Product release options:

  • Machine for the production of hoses DOK 2200.
  • Ease of use of equipment is achieved through automatic control of the entire line from one remote control and has such important properties as:
  • Performance indication,
  • Indication of the heating temperature of the blocks,
  • Indications for accounting the number of finished products
  • Required raw materials for the production of hoses:
  • Sleeve film - width of low pressure polyethylene
  • 400 mm - 420 mm, thickness from 8 microns,
  • Latex braided thread No. 42.

Automatic machine for the production of disposable medical shoe covers

Automatic machine for the production of disposable medical shoe covers

Machine Model PECPE Production China.

Manufactured products (shoe covers) width up to 160-180 mm, length up to 400 mm

The size of shoe covers can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

The shoe manufacturing process is fully automated

Maximum productivity 120 pcs / min.

Worker productivity (providing optimal quality) 60-100 pcs / min

Product release options:

  •  Overall dimensions 1500 (length) x 1450 (width) x 1750 (height) mmMachine weight 600 kg
  • Voltage 220 V
  • Power consumption 5 kW

Facial mask blank making machine model NC-15

A series of specialized machines (models NC-15, NC-16 and NC-17) for the manufacture of face masks from sponbond and meltblown with various mounting systems on the face.

NC-15 is designed for automatic cutting of blanks for surgical face masks made of non-woven materials (spunbond and meltblown).

Product release options:

  • The productivity of the machine for the manufacture of blanks is 120 pcs / min.
  • Dimensions of the machine 5400x650x1800 mm,
  • Voltage 220 V
  • Power consumption 5 kW

The machine for welding loops to blanks masks model NC-16

The NC-16 machine is designed for welding elastic rubber loop strings to the blanks of face masks and is used in the production line after the NC-15 machine.

The blanks of the masks are fed to the input conveyor, the machine welds into them elastic rubber loops for attaching the mask to the ears of a person. Finished masks with an earloop are counted and stacked on the output conveyor.

Product release options:

  • Productivity of the car is 25-30 masks / minute.
  • Dimensions of the machine 4000x850x1700 mm.
  • Power consumption 3 kW.

Mask making machine with a respirator model NC-1520

Compact design;

High performance;

The ability to adjust the size and shape of the masks;

Programmable logic controller;

High reliability in work;

The mask is suitable for use in rooms with a high level of air pollution.

Product release options:

  • Dimensions, mm: (D) 4600 x (W) 1250 x (H) 1800 (not including the size of the conveyor);
  • voltage: 220 V;
  • productivity: 80-100 masks / min;
  • Power consumption 3 kW.

Spunbond Surgical Cap Making Machine Model NC-1910

For the automatic production of surgical caps made of spunbond. The machine for the production of surgical caps is equipped with devices for automatically controlling the tension of the material during its supply along the working path and automatically controlling the position of the unwound initial role along the edge of the edge. The sutures of the surgical cap are formed using ultrasonic welding with the Ultrasonic device.

Product release options:

  • voltage: 220 V;
  • productivity: 100 caps / min;
  • Power consumption 3 kW.

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