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Due to the great demand for masks and other medical consumables, reservations without prepayment should not be made

Disposable Medical Supplies

and production equipment

Three-layer medical masks in bulk on an elastic band with a minimum batch of 500,000 pieces.
Own production under the European standard with the availability of medical certificates.

Masks medical disposable on elastic bands of three and four-layer

Изготовлены из высококачественного синтетического нетканого материала. Снабжены антибактериальным фильтром, препятствующим миграции бактерий и проникновению биологических жидкостей.

Произведены с использованием уникальной соединительной технологии, при которой предусматривается мощная прокатка трех слоев мягких и гибких материалов, что устраняет грубость и неудобства традиционных методов соединения материалов.

Гибкий носовой фиксатор в верхней части маски способствует подбору индивидуальной формы, лучшему прилеганию маски к лицу и, как следствие, - более высокой защите.

Тактильные ощущения, аналогичные хлопку, обеспечивают комфорт, а высокая степень фильтрации – безопасность.

Product release options:

  • cardboard packaging 50,000 pcs / pack (3000pcs / box.)
  • cardboard packaging 100,000 pcs / pack (3000pcs / box)

Medical mask respirators in the form of a duck beak

Ready to use, multilayer, folding horizontally, filtering half mask for medical purposes.

The unique shape of the beak allows the mask to tightly fit the face, preventing air from entering between the mask and the face. The improved conical shape creates an air pocket inside the mask, so the mask does not touch the lips, does not get wet, does not make breathing difficult, leaves the possibility of conversation during use and extends the life of the mask.

The elastic bands of the headband allow you to securely fix the respirator on the back of the head, which does not create pressure on the ears, unlike standard protective masks.

The flexible nose clip at the top of the mask, easily taking the shape of a nose bridge, is equipped with a soft nose pad to ensure the selection of an individual shape, better fit of the mask to the face and protection.

The mask at the bottom can be equipped with an exhalation valve to provide a quick change of inhaled and exhaled air. The air discharged from the valve is turned into a non-working area.

Product release options:

  • cardboard packaging 50,000 pcs / pack (3000pcs / box.)
  • cardboard packaging 100,000 pcs / pack (3000pcs / box)

Shoe covers are polyethylene and polypropylene

For a long time, removable shoes were used to perform these tasks, but disposable shoe covers are a more effective and simple way to maintain sterility in an institution. Shoe covers are used in hospitals, clinics, when a doctor visits a patient at home. They are also used to visit swimming pools, museums, educational institutions, etc.

Modern medical shoe covers can be high or low, with ties or elastic bands that act as a retainer. They differ in the density of the material, respectively, - in weight.

Product release options:

  • cardboard packaging 50,000 pcs / pack (3000pcs / box.)
  • cardboard packaging 100,000 pcs / pack (3000pcs / box)

Medical disposable caps with double elastic band

Made of soft, hydrophobic non-woven material that does not irritate the skin, does not accumulate static electricity;

• Material density: 14g / m2 or 17g / m2;

• Color: blue / white / pink / green / yellow / orange;

• Size: 19 "or 23";

• Caps are made using unique bonding technology, which provides powerful rolling of soft and flexible materials, which eliminates the roughness and inconvenience of traditional methods of bonding materials (bonding / heating / stitching);

• The elastic band provides the selection of an individual form, the best fit to the head and protection;

• Do not impede free movement;

• Water extract reaction (pH) 6.7 ± 0.1 (neutral).

Product release options:

  • cardboard packaging 50,000 pcs / pack (3000pcs / box.)
  • cardboard packaging 100,000 pcs / pack (3000pcs / box)

Single-use dressing gowns

Disposable bathrobes for visitors are bathrobes made of light materials. They are often used in hospitals to provide two-way protection against infections and viruses. On the one hand, it prevents bacteria from infected patients from entering the bodies of visitors, and on the other, it prevents microbes from entering patients and cleans walls and floors in hospitals and hospitals.

Product delivery options:

  • cardboard packaging 10.000 pcs / pack
  • polyethylene packaging 25,000 pcs / pack


Disposable masks 3-layer hypoallergenic with a fixative on the bridge of the nose. The main filtering element of the mask is the middle layer, consisting of Meltblown.

Disposable masks have 99% bacterial filtration efficiency. Masks are very comfortable on the face due to the increased depth of the folds.

The mask is fixed on the head with ties.

Product delivery options:

  • cardboard packaging 50,000 pcs / pack
  • plastic packaging 100,000 pcs / pack

Disposable syringes. Production Germany

Product release options:

  • Disposable syringe 1ml insulin U-100 (from 10.000 pieces)
  • Disposable syringe 1ml. Tuberculin (from 10.000 pieces)
  • Disposable syringe 2ml 3-component (from 10,000 pieces)
  • Disposable syringe 3ml 3-component (from 50,000 pieces)
  • Disposable syringe 5ml 3-component (from 50,000 pieces)
  • Disposable syringe 10 ml 3-component (from 10.000 pieces)
  • Disposable syringe 20 ml 3-component (from 1,000 pieces)

BezGMO" Hand Cleansing Spray with antibacterial effect

Excellent protection for the whole family in any conditions: in transport, on walks, on travel, in public places. Does not require rinsing. No stickiness.

How to use: Apply a small amount of gel on the palm of your hand and rub over the entire surface of the hands until completely dry.

Composition: Isopropanol, aqua, propylene glycol / glycerine, perfume, carbomer, triethanolamine, didecydimethylammonium chloride, Cl 42090.

Precautions: for external use only. Keep away from fire and strong heat, from contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water.


The infrared thermometer is designed for safe, non-contact temperature measurement in a child or adult, as well as for measuring surface or liquid temperature. The principle of operation of the device is to determine the amount of heat emanating from a person (pyrometric method) or surface.


  • Model: DT-8836
  • Seasonality: All Season
  • Size, cm: 20 x 5 x 13.2
  • Package weight, gr: 247
  • Thermometer Type: Infrared
  • Thermometer Application Method: Non-Contact
  • Unit of measure: ºC
  • Food: 9V, 6F22 (Krone type)

WHOLESALE from 500 pieces

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